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Grease under neath my washing machine.

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We just got a new fangled stacking washer dryer set. My old one as we look to remove it had a grease stain underneath it. It was a small little bit about 2" wide after about 3 weeks since being placed there since repainting the closet.

My plan was to donate this unit to a Habitat Restore. But if this is a sign it is on its last legs I don't want someone else to pay for a life-limited washing machine.
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If you look closely underneath the machine, you will find a leaky seal, usually in the transmission area.

If that seal ain't fixed soon, it will fail and be a junker for sure.

Thanks for the heads up. I just watched a video on that process. It is way more work than I want to do so the Restore can sell it for a good cause.

I am going to make a fire pit out of it instead. Maybe I can put the motor inside to good use also.
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Keep using it, or donate it and tell them to place a cookie sheet underneath, and it will probably run another 10 years.
If I was donating it for someone who is getting it free I would do that. If I donate it it will get sold to someone who will be playing Russian roulette (is it transmission fluid or the pan seal?) with the oil substance underneath. If I had not spent almost 2 grand for a new unit, which I am regretting mightily at this time as I am trying to squeeze it into the spot, I would run it till it quit.

I watched the video of the repair it looks pretty involved. The video I saw showed the guy dismantling the entire machine to get to the transmission. It was enough of an effort for me to rationalize a new unit.
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