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Gray roof turns black

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I have a 20 year gray roof. It is not missing any shingles, even after Sandy. Edges are not curling up or have missing pieces.
The roof looks horrible. It is mostly black or looks dirty. What would be the cause of this?

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Do you know where to find TSP?

After it is cleaned, can I use copper flashing at the ridge? I guess it must stick out some.

I live on Long Island.
Any hardware, Wal-Mart, box store will have it.
Keep in mind on a 20 year old roof it's going to do more damage then good, and most likly will just return again.
Go trying to pry up shingles that old to install copper or zinc strips will be almost sure the break some.

Any new shingles installed will have a midicide in the granual mix, mostly likly copper.

I had called my roofer but, he hadn't called back.

With a new roof I will choose that type of shingle.

It would be hard to find one that did not have it already.
You can get TSP at Sherwin Williams Paint store. I buy it by the case in the one pound boxes. Mix it in with warm water, and bleach and you have a great Multi Purpose cleaner.

Thanks goes to joecaption and jagans.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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