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Granite tile as a kitchen counter?

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We walked into Lowes this weekend and happened to hit a very good deal. Someone had returned special order 12x12 granite tiles... the same color we had been pondering. They are normally $9/sq ft but they were a special buy at $2.40/sq ft. We bought enough to do our bathroom counter and our kitchen counters.

Has anyone ever put granite tiles on a kitchen counter, and if so, how did it turn out? We will be using a small grout line and we've been told you will barely notice it. One question I do have... when you granite the front of the overhang, what did you do as far as seams? Do you face them up or out and is there anything that could cover it? I've seen people put wood stripping on the outside to cover it but do not like that look. Any ideas?
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You can cut the edge tiles on a 45 degree angle so there are no butt edges.
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