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My contractor has installed a hybrid granite lay around a pool with 4-5'' concrete base then 2-3'' of sand on top of the concrete. Concrete was cut every 5' ....After much discussion/consultation on Dry Vs Wet lay... Then a dry lay with 1.25'' thick granite slabs were placed on top of the sand - Hence, my term - Hybrid. My contractor was worried that with only a dry lay the slabs would sink slightly and become uneven over time. With a straight wet lay the concrete will crack with the Canadian winters, therefore we came up with the combo approach. My questions are the following:

1) Has anyone tried this before, does it make sense? Any concerns?

2) The Granite dry lay does not have any mortar or grout between slabs, they are basically side by side with very small or zero space. Are there any disadvantages or advantages to this that anyone can think of?

Thanks for your time, John
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