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granite cleaner/polish

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I had granite countertops installed three years ago. I don't know what brand or type of sealer was used. I have been lookinag at everyday cleaners and polishes to maintain them. One product I've discovered is Aqua Mix Professional cleaner and resealer, by Custom building products. It is non acidic and seems to be what I'm looking for. Does anyone have any thoughts on this product, or can you recommend another one. Thanks.
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since diamonds polish granite, i'd suspect your product is a combination cleaner/sealer,,, specialized products can be found at sources like pro-supplier ' granquartz ' [ no financial interest ],,, many times popular granites are full of pits, knots, & voids,,, due to economics vs attractiveness, some sealers are actually hi-build mtls to fill holes,,, long story short, if it works, fine :) installers are good sources of information/supplies, too,,, about 3yrs ago, my bride, nagzilla, opted for granite,,, i caution'd against her final choice but she ( knowing more than i who spent 20yrs working w/granites ) was deliriously happy upon installation,,, today we're considering repolishing - a LARGE pita since it must be done wet for best results :furious:

howzabout trying OOOO steel wool pads on your elec sander 1st then sealing ? certainly can't hurt decent granite :no:
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