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Granite backsplash over beadboard?

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New to the site. Hope I am posting in the correct area. Just bought our house. We have a beadboard backsplash in our kitchen and granite countertops. I love the beadboard ,but behind my sink water has penetrated at the base and now the beadboard has expanded. It looks crummy.I would like to put a granite backsplash behind my sink to match my countertop. I plan to leave the other beadboard in place.The granite company wants to put the granite directly over the beadboard. He explained that it is a nightmare to remove the beadboard. Has anyone ever done this? How hard is it to remove the beadboard and make the surface flat again for the granite to attach? My other concern is that the granite will have to stick out a bit I do not remove the beadboard first. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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Did you use 3/4 inch for the backsplash? I think standard countertop width is 1 1/2 inch which is pretty thick.My granite guy said he could grind it down to 3/4 inch if needed . I definitely want him to do that. It sure would be easier not to have to remove the beadboard. The top of the backsplash will come up to my window sill. I think it will stick out 1/4 inch past my window sill if we don't remove the beadboard. Think it will look OK?
I understand about using the multimaster tool to cut a straight line but how do you pull off the glued beadboard from the sheet rock? That is the mess that I am talking about. I would imagine that the sheetrock will be all uneven afterwards so how do you level that out for the granite backsplash?
Found out that my granite color is Uba tuba. Does anyone know of any granite installers who can get 3/4 inch slabs? I just measured the space behind my sink and now realise I have another problem. The window above the sink is not level. I have 3/16th of an inch discrepancy. My plan was to go all the way up to the windowsill so I did not have a gap but now with the height difference not sure how high to go up. Either way there will be an uneven gap from the backsplash to the sill. I wonder if I can get the granite guy to cut it on a slight angle. Thankfully the counter top is level. How can someone put a window in that crooked?
Thanks Bob. That sounds like a smart idea.
I am sure that it has settled. The house was built in the 20's. The previous owners replaced the windows in the kitchen. The floor and countertop are level. I think someone messed up.
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