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Granite backsplash over beadboard?

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New to the site. Hope I am posting in the correct area. Just bought our house. We have a beadboard backsplash in our kitchen and granite countertops. I love the beadboard ,but behind my sink water has penetrated at the base and now the beadboard has expanded. It looks crummy.I would like to put a granite backsplash behind my sink to match my countertop. I plan to leave the other beadboard in place.The granite company wants to put the granite directly over the beadboard. He explained that it is a nightmare to remove the beadboard. Has anyone ever done this? How hard is it to remove the beadboard and make the surface flat again for the granite to attach? My other concern is that the granite will have to stick out a bit I do not remove the beadboard first. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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They sell thinner materials for the backsplash (3/8"). Grinding it done is un-doable and absolutely crazy. Removing the beadboard if needed will be much much much easier. If the granite sticks out more than the rest of the beadboard this will still look fine. Removing the beadboard is not very hard at all. Maybe a 10 minute job at best. Borrow a multi-master tool to make a perfect cut where the granite will go and the rest of the beadboard will stay. If you cannot find one use a sharp wood chisel. Pros can do it with a sawsall, but not the best tool to use here for a DIY job. Also an angle grinder with the tile bit will make a perfect cut and then finish the edges with the chisel.
Just pull off the drywall also. This would be okay since you are already concerned about the depth of your granite. But replacing a small piece of drywall is also very easy. It would not need to be taped or patched. Small pieces or even damaged free pieces are found at Lowes or Home Depot.
They did not post questions to learn from here fist. Anyway cutting at the slight angle is not a problem. Make a template from 1/4" hardboard and get it to fit perfectly and bring this to them as a template. Uba Tuba is the most common granite (I have some here also) Most any granite dealer will have scraps around that can be cut and sold at very little costs.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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