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Graco Magnum dx removing Drain Valve

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SOLVED: Graco Magnum dx removing Drain Valve

My Graco Magnum dx doesn't prime or spray, although the motor runs. I've removed and cleaned Inlet Valve, Outlet Valve, and Drain Fitting. But still the pressures on those three valves are too low to none.

I'm guessing a problem with Drain Valve, and trying to remove it, but can't seem to get it off. Looking at the manual,, page 27, part numbers 30 31 32 38, there's a pin on the knob, which I believe need to come off first.

I've inserted thin nail at the under side and hammered it, but the pin wouldn't budge. Is there an easier method to remove this pin? :huh:


I've found a replacement kit and attached the image:


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I got it off...
I tried several nails hammered from underside, but nails would bend and break. I was able to find a thicker screw that fits, and hammered the pin out.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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