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I have the opportunity to pick up a powermate compressor. specs are 2 cyl, belt drive, 20 gallon, 155psi max, castiron - oil lubricated, 7.0 [email protected] psi, 5.7 cfm @90 psi, 1.9 rhp and 120 volt. It's close to 1/2 price. The problem is that there is a small hole in the tank and it is out of warranty. This is the dealer selling it. I have not seen it. The dealer has described it as "usable."

I have one huge job - remove the mortar from 1000 bricks then i have no use for the compressor.

1. would you grab it or run like hell?
2. is it possible to stick some epoxy into the hole?
3. I have to assume that there is no way to weld the tank once it is in use.

Comments, opinions, experiences?


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I'd have to see it 1st
I think these are usually pressure tested?
I'm not sure of the safety factor on one with a hole?
I know my scuba tanks are rated much higher then the actual fill
I'm surprised he would sell it as it may be a liability issue if anything goes wrong ?
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