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Goodman Time Delay Relay

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I have a Goodman air handler, model A36-05 from 1997, that only works intermittently. After numerous service calls, different parts replaced, and most recently a new thermostat, I have narrowed down the issue to the blower time delay relay. This conclusion is partly due to what has been replaced, but mostly everything I have read in HVAC forums about this Therm-O-Disc part being faulty. (Not that I consider something breaking after 15 years faulty.) The part numbers on the current relay do not match what I found as the replacement part number, B13707-38:

The price I found for a replacement is $13.99 w/ free shipping, but the contacts are not exactly the same as what is in place now:

Although my current setup is not using positions 3 and 4, and position 4 is missing from the new relay, will the new one work? If so, I assume that I swap the wires in position 1 to 1 and 2 to 2, then swap the two wires from the tapered end at the base and finally the single wire on the opposite side. Is this correct?

Any help or direction is appreciated.
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it will work. And your correct on the wiring.
Thank you, I ordered the part and will post back after it's installed.
No luck

The part that came was exactly the same as pictured, but it doesn't work as expected. After I installed it and popped back in the disconnect switch, the blower fan came right on, ran for less than 30 seconds, then the relay clicked and the fan turned off. I went and flipped the breaker, waited a couple minutes, flipped it back and same thing, run click stop. I reinstalled the original relay and it works intermittently for an indeterminate amount of time, just as before, but at least the blower fan stays on for an entire cooling cycle and I can set the fan to to just keep it running. Any ideas? Could my air handler need a different relay other than what was specified? As I mentioned before, none of the numbers on the old relay match the suggested replacement part number.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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