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Goodman HP central AC

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I have a new Goodman with heat pump and elect. strip for back up. During the cooling cycle I think the heat strip is coming on occasionally. Do these units use the elect heat strip to help regulate the cooling temperature ?
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Occasionally if I'm under a vent get a faint odor like your get when a heat strip comes on and the air coming out feels warmer...that could be because the condenser unit has cycled off but doesn't account for the odor. I also thought I had read some where that some units use the heat to help regulate the cooling temp. but of course that seems unlikely.
The AC is new maybe a year old and is cooling fine. I bought the unit and installed it myself replacing the original 1997 unit. I have a maser electrical license and have taken courses in air conditioning refrig. I recently replace the original thermostat with a programmable digital model,though maybe someone had played with that but it appears to be set properly. I haven't had higher electrical bills, my bills have actually dropped because of the newer more efficient unit. I think I will do a search an see if I can find the post concerning heat strips,could be I misunderstood what was said.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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