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Goodman Heat Pump- No air from vents

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I have a Goodman Heat Pump Model PHK042-1 and have never had any problems before (and it waits till this close Christmas). Several days ago, the unit came on and air came through the vents for about 2 minutes and stopped. No smell of smoke noted. I turned unit off and went back later and tried it, still no air. Went outside, large fan was running. Took panel off of indoor blower assembly-- found switch throwed- I reset this and tried again. still nothing. I replaced the capacitor. Still nothing. I now see that the wires going to the transformer look like they are slightly melted. Could the transformer be the source of my problem?? I can't afford to keep spending money to try different things and also can't afford a service call right now. Please if anyone can help with this, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Burnt wires are never good. Usually a short would take out the transformer but yes, you need a transformer for low voltage.

You have an electrical meter?
I do have a multi meter but not completely sure if I know how to use it.
You'd need to able to test ohms/continuity and voltage.
As a dumb female, I own the tool just don't totally understand how to use it. I do appreciate your trying to help me though. I can replace parts but don't really know hoe to test them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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