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Goodman GMV95 - Fast blinking red light

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I have a Goodman GMV95. Here is a link to the manual

I had an issue with the igniter only glowing intermittently. I was getting a lockout error caused by too many failed cycles due to the igniter not glowing. It would glow every once and a while, other wise I'd hold a lighter by the burner to light the gas when the valve clicked.

I now get an faster blinking light but it comes on after the draft inducer spins up for a second then stops. I've reset the furnace a few times in a row by pressing and depressing the service panel switch. Every third or fourth try the system would cycle, the inducer would spin and furnace try to ignite. No glow from the igniter. I stuck my lighter in front of the burner and it us running now.

I'm curious as to what the issue could be. I ordered a new igniter as I originally thought that was the issue. Now it seems to be related to the board, power supply, or pressure switch. There is a bit of water leaking at the bottom of the coil front cover. I pulled off all the condenser drainage lines and nothing seems blocked.

Any ideas?
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The inducer has to start and run for 30 seconds to purger the heat exchanger B4 the igniter gets energized. If it only spins for a few seconds then the board may be faulty.

The sequence is inducer starts>pressure switch closes>purge 30 seconds>energize igniter.

Check the error code list on the back of one of the doors.

Make sure you got a a steady 24 volts AC from W to C on the board when calling for heat. If not that can drop out the board.
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