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I have a goodman gas furnace with ac and as of right now:

The heat works fine no problem, worked all winter.

The 3A fuse on the control board pops when I switch the fan from auto to on.

The 3A fuse pops on the control board when the ac tries to come on.

I have replaced the transformer, and bought a new control board, and new thermostat but with the same results as above.

I did a little investigating and when all the wires are hooked up on the control board except the red wire from the thermostat the 3A fuse doesn't pop. The fan and ac don't work either but as soon as the red wire from the thermostat touches the board the 3A fuse pops. I thought that the red wire was shorted but when I measure it there is no continuity to ground.

I am at a loss, I don't want to call a professional HVAC guy yet but summer is coming and I will need the ac. Virginia gets quite warm in the summer.

Any constructive help would be appreciated,

Thank you,

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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