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good vs bad waterproofing a pine planter box.

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My husband bought me a nice 4'x3' raised pine planter box, "a box on three foot legs". As I was getting ready to fill it with dirt he asked me if i was going to paint it and waterproof it. I thought the pine would be fine as it is. Wouldn't waterproofing cause water collecting in the bottom of the bed? I realize the wood will breakdown eventually as part of the normal process but didn't think of protecting it because I dont want anyting to get into the vegetables I plan on growing, ie. stain or paint. I'm confused any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I’ve never seen an advantage from lining planters with plastic or metal; it only traps moisture against the wood. Coatings can extend the life of a planter but some fear contamination from the breakdown of some paints and coatings. I’m not sure there is a real risk. The safest coating seems to be boiled linseed oil.

In a cold climate an untreated pine planter may last many years. In a warm climate where termites are active, the planter may be in poor shape the second year, whether coated or not.

Poured concrete planters are a bit more work, but they last forever.
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