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good flooring over cement basement and near to a GFA furnace?

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What would be a good floor covering over an old cement basement floor -in order to mitigate mucho dust - , that is nearby to a gas forced air furnace,
that is inexpensive
and not that hard or messy to install,
and that would not be too chemical-like (no carcinogenic composition or adhesives)?
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basement floor

Just Bill is right about the moisture thing, check that first.A few more questions though? How level is the basement floor?Being by your furnace I'm guessing it is for your laundry room/or your little work shop? That is common to see those close to the furnace. Is your basement partially finished and this is the last room. I ask that because your mentioned ( to keep dust down.)? I'm hoping not (wood) dust by the furnace(fire hazzard).
I suggest polypropylene flooring ( rubberized flooring roll/or interlocking tile type if you wish),especially if you have a uneven floor.
Also if it is in the laundry room and the wife is looking for comfort, anti-fatigue flooring may be better.
If you have moisture be sure to seal it(armor lock is one choice)then apply flooring.
Anyway you need to decide what fits your application best.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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