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good flooring over cement basement and near to a GFA furnace?

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What would be a good floor covering over an old cement basement floor -in order to mitigate mucho dust - , that is nearby to a gas forced air furnace,
that is inexpensive
and not that hard or messy to install,
and that would not be too chemical-like (no carcinogenic composition or adhesives)?
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I assume the floor is dry??? To test, tape downa piece of plastic or aluminum foil, tape all edges tightly. Check under the piece in a few days, if still dry, you can install most any flooring that you like. If damp, you will need a moisture barrier. If WET, forget flooring. Laminate flooring is good for basements, since they usually require a foam underlayment which isolates it from the concrete.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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