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Hello Friends,
So what's a good spray system for a DIY'r such as myself for painting the exterior of my house? In 99-2003 I worked in a specialty gas manufacturing plant and worked in the paint shop painting all different sized steel cylinders of all different weights as well. They had a kickin' system, Graco gun and pump system where you put the pump right on a 5 Gal bucket of latex paint. It fed back to one of the main compressors. It worked great. However, I can't get maneuver a 5 Gal bucket on a ladder so I'm wondering why the pro's use. My house isn't two stories so I won’t necessarily need scaffolding. I do have a 40-50 gal air compressor and can use that. I'm open to suggestions. I will be using most likely a latex stain or paint.
Suggestions on a decent, quality portable spray system?
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