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Good afternoon from NC

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Glad to join this forum. Hope can add something to the discussion.
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Welcome to the forums, Chuck!

I edited your web link that belongs below your signature line at the bottom, set it up in "Control panel" and it will always show when you post. And a mod won't have to remove it again, lol. Welcome!

Hi Chuck, Welcome to the Forum
It is a good idea to include your location in your profile.
Also check out how to Post pictures in the How To section.

To add your location to your profile see more How-To
Thank you!
welcome Nest! Enjoy your time here and join right in.--Mike----
Can you send me a link or instructions on how to set up a signature? Many thanks!
Click on 'quick links'--Upper right hand side of screen--

Then click on 'edit signature'
or click your name---then click on 'edit profile' --top of your home page---
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Thanks. I think I figured it out.
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Hello and Welcome to the site.
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HI! i am paul smith and i am new to this forum..
Hi Paul
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