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GMP100-3: No ignition

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My GMP100-3 ignitor will no longer work. (After several attempts, the furnace will report a one-blink code and stop trying.) Visual inspection also shows no ignition.

If I light the furnace manually during startup, it will stay lit correctly until shutoff. The wiring harnesses seem to be firmly in place.

Do I need a new ignitor, or a new circut board? Can I test the ignition wires w/a DVM during startup - and if so, is it line voltage, or is there a step-up? (I think this is a glow-plug type of ignitor, and not a spark-gap ignitor, correct?)

If a replacement is needed, any ideas on a preferred place to get the parts? -- I'd like to save some $$ over a repair call. It would be nice if I could get a whole new electronics+ingitor set and be able to return whatever I don't use.

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Un plug the ignitor . With volt meter on ohms scale ..Check wires comming out of ignitor for continuity.. You can also check the other end of the plug for 110v ac when furnace tries to ignite.. For parts local supply house or google goodman furnace parts
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