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Gloss clear coat for flat spray paint?

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I recently spray painted an item with a Rustoleum oil-based enamel flat spray paint. It is the color I wanted, but the sheen (flat) is not. The color is not available in a gloss finish. I tried spray painting it with the Rustoleum clear gloss enamel, but after two sprays, it still seems dull.

Is there a clear high gloss enamel paint I can try? Or, can I try a water-based poly (so that it does not yellow)?

At this point, I need something I can brush on as the item is now in a location that I cannot move to spray. Thanks for your help!
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They make black in Rustoleum Professional, semi gloss and gloss. That will work
Look at Rustoleum's website. They make black. Maybe the store you are looking in is out, but they make black
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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