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glass louvered doors

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Does anyone know if there is a vendor who still makes exterior doors with adjustable horizontal glass louvers and screens? I mostly remember seeing these on patio entrances on houses built in the 50's and 60's.

Alternatively can anyone recommend a salvage dealer that may have some in stock from tear-downs?

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Jalousie Doors: Charming Air

Is this what you are looking for?
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Call around to local remodeling companies. When I worked replacing windows and doors on a regular basis, we used to throw those out all the time. Put a call in to as many places as you can and tell them that you will pay a few dollars for what-ever part you want, and they will gladly save it for you rather than just toss it in the dump. But you will have to ba available to retrieve it as they can't hold it forever.
I picked up a bunch off craiglist for free
Enough to put a large window in my pool cabana, plus a smaller one on the side
And enough to build a greenhouse
Then 2 doors from someone else

I also picked up 3 huge windows that are going around my outdoor patio area

I've seen many more on craigslist
But I don't need any more

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They are called jalousie windows. They are still manufactured. (Although I'm not sure why):laughing: Try a google search.
thanks all this helps

I wasn't sure of the technical term for these.
They are actually great for 3 season porches
And in areas where it doesn't get that cold
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