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Not anymore liking HD I find a Delta single handle chrome lav faucet on Lowe's website and copy p/n and everything. It's $44.
Twenty minutes later I get to Lowe's and they have a Peerless faucet with all the same numbers; no Delta. Since I have already invested the travel time, I bought a more expensive $65 Delta two handle lav faucet.
The local Plumbing Parts Plus store didn't carry any of these low end faucets.

Glacier Bay, the present single-handle faucet that somehow slowly leaks [maybe one drop per three minutes] into the faucet housing and eventually drips down into the vanity cabinet, does not have a bricks-and-mortar address on their literature, and neither does Peerless. Delta does have an address.

Q 1: In general, should I be concerned about the lack of a bricks-and-mortar address on product literature?

Q 2: Was this Lowe's stuff a bait-and-switch [BS]?"bait+and+switch"&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

If it was a BS,

Q 3: should I spend the time and energy reporting this?

In effect, if I reported a bona fide BS, I would then be "cleaning up the trash", reporting on evil-doers, and policing merchants, all without being paid to do so, and
without any of the benefits that superheroes enjoy.

What to do, what to do. . .?

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just live and learn. HD and Lowes carry crap for the most part and good stuff will cost much more than online fixture outlets. There are several that are very good. They carry smart tech support personal and will rush ship at no charge replacements if needed. I have not had any problems ordering from but many others are there also. AS far as quality with box stores, it is common knowledge, you shop there to not spend money, not to find a good product.

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First, when viewing products online, make sure if the product is available "only" online. Many are this way. You can find a lot of products available online but not at the store since store space is limited. As for your questions: 1) If there is a "brick and mortar" address available, it is probably on the installation instruction sheet. 2) Doubt Lowes has a bait and switch policy, especially if the product was advertised online. 3) Go back to the website and make sure if the fixture was available "only" online. Personally, if I were looking for a certain product, as you were, I would have asked at the store since they could look up the product online. If it were advertised as a "sale", then it would be considered bait and switch, but not just having it listed online.
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