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Glacier Bay Faucet issues/one way valve troubleshooting

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I have a Glacier Bay all in one sink/faucet with low water pressure and am looking at that one way valve as possible culprit. I'd like to check it as there was nothing in the aerator.

Sink I have: Glacier-Bay-All-in-One-Dual-Mount-Stainless-Steel-33-in-2-Hole-Double-Bowl-Kitchen-Sink-VT3322G2

My issue is my hot water shut off valve needs replacing, and with the current virus situation, I'm not crazy about getting someone to replace it. I can turn the cold water valve off OK, but when I try the hot it hisses and drips, and allows water through the faucet still.

So, I am not sure if that black hose is going to spray water everywhere if I pull that one way valve off to see if anything is in there and remove those restrictors mentioned in the prior thread. I cannot tell how it routes under the sink very well.

Do I need to shut off water or can that valve be safely removed without?
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Post a couple pictures of your situation if you can please. Thank you.
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To me, that looks like a quick disconnect for your sprayer. That has nothing to do with your water pressure being low.
You can check all the lines as you mentioned if you want. You cleaned the arerator so you can rule that out. Could be the faucet itself like a cartdrige etc., may have has sediment buildup. Remove the cartdrige clean it and see if that helps.

If still no luck, your problem, as you mentioned, may be the shut off valve(s) is not opening all the way. Those old gate style valves all fail and are junk after a few years. Replaced them with the new 1/4 turns. Available in sharkbytes at any big box store, any homeowner can do it. No soldering required. Just a suggestion.
Nice job rnb. glad water pressure is restored.
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