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Link didn't work for me----must be a ghost!

Are you sure it's not a backdoor method to get into our machines?

Guess I'll need to do some searching....interesting....
Link didn't work for me----must be a ghost!
It worked for me....
It worked fine for me.... and it works fine for me every day too.

It blocks tons of tracking software (it's blocking 5 dataminer sites right now in this thread) and popup ads too. Cross-browser too.

Worked for me this time---
Ok DM, I'm giving it a try. I created a restore point before I installed it just in case. So the black box in the upper right corner is every thing it is blocking? I've got a lot of stuff getting blocked, cool! Thanks, dorf dude...
Another thread I'm late to...but Ghostery is an excellent program. Another must have that further enhances security is HTTPS Everywhere . Free, and produced in collaboration by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the TOR Project, it blocks scripts, java, etc. Scripts can be temporarily or permanently (white listed)allowed for sites you choose.
It only works with Firefox (and there is a beta for Chrome).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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