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GFSI switch stays red

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I was out of home for vacation. When we got back we tried to open garage door but it didn't work. So we had to use keys to get into home. When I checked there was no power to garage door opener. I went downstairs to check breakers and found none was tripped. Even then I reset my garage breaker to make sure. When I came upstairs I found there was still no power to garage door. Then I saw the gfsi plug in garage had red light on it. When I pressed reset button on it, garage door opener started working. But gfsi outlet still has red light and when i press test button it does nothing, reset button stays in.

I have two questions :

1) why is it still red has it gone bad. Should I replace it?

2) Also the only thing I had we're Christmas lights which were also not working when gfsi was tripped. So was it Christmas lights that might have caused it? I have removed their plug and have plugged them back in.
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Unplug everything in that circut, shut off the breaker all the way, then reset it.
Push the reset button again with nothing plugged in and see if it resets.
Any moisture at all in the plugs or the lamp sockets would be enough to trip a GFI.
Will do that. I just have to get ladder tomorrow so that I can unplug garage door. Then I will try resetting it. Only garage door is plugged on different outlet that is in on same line. Here is how it's currently .

Main Breaker -----> gfsi switch ------> garage door outlet -----> outlet on exterior of house.

I didn't knew all things can be on same wire from breaker.

Even if removing everything and resetting doesn't work should I replace gfsi?
They go bad. Possibly you had a surge, or it just decided that its time was up. 15 min's to the store, 5 min's to replace, figure a hour's worth of work when you are done.
If the test button does not trip the GFCI then the GFCI is bad. You do not need to unplug anything to test the TEST function.
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