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gfic for kichen needed?

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do i need gfic for outlets on both sides of kitchen sink thx
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Not sure what a gfic is but your kitchen, since it is a wet area at times should have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet at the start of the circuit installed. Good ones run under $15 these days even if you pay retail. The GFCI will protect all other things ahead of it on the circuit.

Hopefully your frig and microwave are on a different circuit.

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Not necessarily GFCI receptacles, but GFCI protected receptacles. In a dwelling, all receptacles that serve the kitchen countertops have to be GFCI protected, whether next to a sink or not. You can do this by a GFCI breaker for that circuit, or by a GFCI receptacle that protects itself and other receptacles down line (daisy chaining).

As Joe mentioned, new work yes, existing grandfathered. Either way, it’s the best idea to have them.
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