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Ok I have a issue that I need help with.
I’m not a electrician and thought I could handle this.
Bathroom has a single outlet with a built in switch all works. I mtrying to replace with a new but same thing but gfi, outlet on bottom switch on top. Wires in the wall, 2 bundles of wires each bundle has a black, white, ground wires. New switch has 4 screws bottom 2 are line, top 2 are load, and then 2 black wires built in to the switch.
Here’s the issues both bundles of wires in the wall have 120,tested with meter. I guessed a few times on what goes where and nothing works switch or outlet but I did get a green light on the outlet to come on.
Any help?

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1. do not use the LOAD connections.
2. The whites get connected and to the silver screw on the GFCI. If screw is clamp type it can accept both wires.
3. Hot black gets connected tot he GFCI LINE and one of the black wires from the switch.
4. The other black to the light gets connected to the other black wire from the switch.

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What does the switch control? The receptacle or something else?

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