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I have three GFCI in my manufactured home and 1 outside. only 2 inside have a reset button. Several weeks ago these outlets stopped working and the only one being used is the one on the screened porch. I have a small ref/freezer and lamp plugged in. All the other receptables in the house had not been used at that time. we finally figured out to reset the one in the kids bathroom and everything worked fine. Well weeks later it has tripped again and had to reset the button in the kids bathroom. what is causing this to trip after 4 years of living here, should i have the plug replaced and how do I know which one? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Bypass your GFCI with jumper wires and put a 7-1/2w incand. lamp in series with the ground wire that serves the cable downstream of your GFCI.

If the voltage across the bulb reads from 0.6 vac to 120vac you've found your leakage path to ground. A normal reading would be less than 15 mVac.

Disconnect chunks of the cable or appliances until the leakage current goes away.
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