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I have a GFCI that wont reset. I did the following.
1. Replaced it, but still trips
2. Removed the load receptacles, but still trips
3. Checked voltage from hot to neutral. 118
4. checked Voltage from hot to ground. 118
5 turned circuit off at breaker box and check for continuity.
6. no continuity at hot to either ground or neutral
7. continuity at neutral and ground
8. With circuit breaker on, I touch my red lead to the hot, but did not touch the black lead to anything and I got 11.5V. (See Attachment)
Any ideas what could be wrong


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Replace the GFCI. With nothing on the LOAD and proper voltage on the LINE, if it won't reset it must be bad.

Don't be concerned about the 11.5 volts it a phantom voltage o the high impedance meter. Garb the leads with your hands and you will probably see some volts.

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I am not sure I understand what you mean by
"I removed the load receptacles"

Does that mean that you removed all wires connected to the LOAD side of the GFCI? If so, then I would agree that the GFCI is bad.

As long as the 20 amp circuit is run with 12 gauge wire, a 15 amp GFCI is fine.

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