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GFCI Breaker Required for Outbuilding?

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So I ran power to an outbuilding at my home (18" deep) and installed an Eaton BR 125amp load center in it. I plan on two circuits there for now, a 20amp breaker for outlets and a few lights which will be protected locally by GFCI outlets (or GFCI breaker) and a 20 amp breaker for an outlet feeding a fixed 240V compressor. Not sure if this is needed to have GFCI, but I would go with either a GFCI breaker or GFCI outlet for this one. Future work might include a circuit for a small window A/C unit or heater. It is actually a shed 20'x10'.

Building is 100' away and I have run 2-2-2-4 aluminum feed cable (URD) in 1 1/2" conduit. Back at the main panel in the house, do I need to install a 60amp GFCI breaker for this building, or will a regular 60amp breaker do? The CH 60amp GFCI breaker would be $135 and the BR breakers or any GFCI outlets required for the shed would be substantially cheaper.

But basically, what I'm asking, do I NEED a GFCI breaker at the main panel by Code or can I get away with local GFCI-ing at the shed?
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So I would only need to provide GFCI protection for outlets I might use to plug in items I might use outside the shed? Lighting and an outlet for an indoor mounted compressor should be fine w/o GFCI?
I think you may have read the answer wrong. The feed (the line coming to the shed) doesn't need protecting, but you should have protection for the outlets at the shed. You want that protection whether you're working inside, or outside the shed.
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