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GFCI Breaker Required for Outbuilding?

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So I ran power to an outbuilding at my home (18" deep) and installed an Eaton BR 125amp load center in it. I plan on two circuits there for now, a 20amp breaker for outlets and a few lights which will be protected locally by GFCI outlets (or GFCI breaker) and a 20 amp breaker for an outlet feeding a fixed 240V compressor. Not sure if this is needed to have GFCI, but I would go with either a GFCI breaker or GFCI outlet for this one. Future work might include a circuit for a small window A/C unit or heater. It is actually a shed 20'x10'.

Building is 100' away and I have run 2-2-2-4 aluminum feed cable (URD) in 1 1/2" conduit. Back at the main panel in the house, do I need to install a 60amp GFCI breaker for this building, or will a regular 60amp breaker do? The CH 60amp GFCI breaker would be $135 and the BR breakers or any GFCI outlets required for the shed would be substantially cheaper.

But basically, what I'm asking, do I NEED a GFCI breaker at the main panel by Code or can I get away with local GFCI-ing at the shed?
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I would not think GFCI is needed on either the feeder or the 240 volt circuit. I would use combo arc fault/GFCI breakers for the 120 volt circuits.
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