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GFCI and grounded conductors

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Sorry this is pretty complicated. The point of my question is what to do with the grounded conductors.
I want to run 12/2 to a J box behind a sill, a switch loop to a switch/receptacle (because my wife doesn’t want to lose the receptacle I was going to take for a switch) using 12/3 and then pipe through the sill and to a wall mounted box outside which has a gfci receptacle. Then pipe runs up to a light device.
I was going to splice the hot from the home run to THWN going through the pipe to the line side of the gfci. From the load side I was going to run power back to the J box, splice with the switch loop and then to THWN back outside going to the light, keeping everything ground fault protected. Does this switch/receptacle grounded conductor need to be spliced after the load side of the gfci or can I splice it in the J box before it goes out to the gfci?

Thank you,
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Thank you AlanJ, I wasn't sure I even explained myself clearly.
The point of this circuit is a receptacle, that is gfci protected, between 6 and 20 feet from an above ground pool. It is local code. I figured while I was running an underground circuit to a shed which is 15 feet from the pool, I would also add a motion detection light, and an override switch, to the back of our house. I also figured why not keep everything on the load side of the gfci but I'll think about that some more.

Thank you everyone
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