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getting the floors to match in height

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the kitchen has a wooden laminate.. cheapy box store garbage.. its coming out FAST.. .

the dining room has original hardwood.. beautifully refinished by yours truly. :thumbsup:

how can I get the soon to be installed ceramic in the kitchen to match the height of the hardwood in the dining room? well i already know so let me rephrase...

how can I LOWER the subfloor in the kitchen to match the hardwood?

or am i stuck with a bump up?
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Jazzman should be able to tell you if Ditra plus a thickness (?) of plywood will do the trick. But he will need to know the thickness of the tile.

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It's possible for the new kitchen tile floor to be very close to the original 3/4" hardwood if the 3/4" is the difference. But, what kind of subfloor and how thick is in the kitchen and is it the same throughout?

While you're at it, let us know the type and size of the joists, their condition, species and grade if possible, spacing, and unsupported span to the inch.

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