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I am the market for a new HVAC system for my home(AC and Furnace). I have received a couple of bids thus far and of course I am being given bids for different brands. Any suggestions on one over another? I believe that a many are being made by a few mfgs. Should I steer myself toward one brand over another? My home is approx 1800 sq feet. What seer rating should I look for? Efficiency rating, size of ton coil for the furnace. I know that it is a waste of money to put a bigger size unit into a house that the duct work won't handle it. I have heared about the two stage system. Worth it? I am looking to get a 95% effficiency unit. Anyone educate me a bit more on this?

I was also given informtion about adding a "bigger" air filter to the unit which would allow you to only have to changed it a couple times a year. Worth it?

Thanks for any information that you can provide.
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