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Gerber Pressure Toilet does flush all the way

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I have recently Gerber power flush 1.6G toilet. It doesn't seem to flush the material all the way down. A lot of pressure water comes out and the bowl water goes down about 1/2 way at the most. Then it circles around and continues to rise while the pressure vessel fills (which takes about 20 secs). I have taken the toilet apart and dumped a bucket of water down the drain to make sure it wasn't clogged. The issue must be in the toilet but I can't find any material. It is really hard to snake the toilet because the path goes up and then makes a sharp turn to go back down to the drain. The drain hole must be aligned with the toilet because I get no seepage out the side even though the toilet is not bolted down yet. Any thoughts are suggestions? Is this just the way these types of toilets work?


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