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Our home was built in 1999 and this is the original door opener.

When I left this morning for work I made sure the garage door was closed as I left. When my wife came home she said I left the garage door open, which I'm sure I didn't but whatever.

Anyways, I was cleaning the garage and had the door open when I finished I came inside for a bit and then went back out to the garage and the door was closed.

The light bulb on the garage opener was on, however I could not open it from the wall mounted switch nor could I turn on/off the little light. This wall mounted switch is hard wired. There is usually a red light that lights up when you press a button. Weird right?

Also the opener itself has a reprogram button and it lights up red when you press it. So it seems to be getting power.

So now I'm trying to opening the garage door with my wife's Homelink I her car and it lights up RED which is should be GREEN.

So I try my vehicle and it doesn't work either. I try the keypad in the outside wall and it doesn't work either.

I guess I try reprogramming it but does this sound like a garage door opener going bad? Need new?

I welcome any comments.

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It certainly isn't any of the buttons but rather the unit itself.

No motor sound? Not even a hum? One failure is the clips between sections of the screw drive can break and bind up the screw. You can try to disconnect the screw shaft from the front of the motor to see if that might help. You can try to spin the motor shaft with your fingers (make sure unit is unplugged).

Another common failure is the starter capacitor on the motor. You can buy them cheaply online. I did that for mine, but it turned out that the motor itself was bad. Genie has a warranty but only for the original purchaser (and you'll need the receipt). I didn't qualify and switched brands to Chamberlain.

17 years seems like a good run to me.
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