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Thanks for reading. Been researching alot over the past two weeks trying to learn all I can on AC systems and general heating and cooling. This has grown from a few curious questions to a diy passion of mine :) Probably mostly cause my lady thinks this is all over my head :)

Got a baby on the way and the mrs ordered me to figure out why a currently vacant room is amazingly hot as it is going to turn into a playroom eventually..all started from there..started to realize, now that my eyes were open that the whole house is in, HVAC wise, in not so great shape.

1)Regarding that room - its the 2nd floor of a 2 story addition on the back of the house..each room is only 10x10 but not ductwork was supplied (happened before we moved there). Providing the system can support it pressure/load wise, how does one determine where to tie in a new duct run? Has to be on the main line and not a branch of say the kitchen run, correct? The dryer vent goes through a basement wall that is underneath the addition..if i can get a branch run into that crawlspace then it woud be easy to dig through 1st floor addition, pull it up, break some more ceiling or floor for the second floor and do some drywall so the run is just a "bump" in each rooms corner..

That's my big project thoughts anyways..perhaps a ductless split system for those two rooms would be easier/cheaper? Maybe..for some reason i just want the system (2009 carrier system) to cool the whole house..any suggestions? Link to sys and picture of it in the basement.,3069,CLI1_DIV41_ETI4922_PRD1273_SIT12,00.html#TechLit-Owner's Manual

2) I have a standard "why is my one room not being cooled as well as the others" situation. This is on the second floor. To try and resolve I am going to:

  • open that rooms register and look for any blockages
  • buying cellular shades for the three windows
  • weather stripping the attic door hatch witch is just outside that hot room (large gaps in the woodwor
  • Build simple attic hatch cover (we need more insulation overall up there but thats a whole another project)
  • check seals on windows etc
  • check baseboards
  • properly sealing the exposed ductwork in the basement that i can get to..there’s a ton of leaks and on the joints duct tape, not foil is used..

This is the bedroom..the guest bedroom right next to it is getting perfectly fine airflow/cooling so it must be duct specific or being killed by the attic drain?

Is there a single run from the basement to the 3rd floor and it branches off at the subfloor level to the different rooms or are there individual runs from the basement to the different registers entirely? Trying to figure out if it could be a duct sealing issue if the latter generally holds true…

Do all ducts have blower units along the way or are they only added as necessary in systems? I’ve also seen referenced dampening screws that can increase/decrease airflow to certain areas but I cant seem to find any if I have them..

The thing I’m most confused on is the whole topic of should you or shouldn’t you close registers in certain areas to improve performance in other areas..people seem to say yeah it can help and also that it will mess up the pressure in the system. Worth a shot here?

Overall the ac unit itself is really nice but the ductwork in the house sucks..and im not convinced when this unit went in 2 years ago it was properly calibrated, or the ducts were modified as needed, to max the systems potential. How does one make that determination besides calling a professional?

3) The overall unit in the basement has a fair amount of condensation on it. Is that a symptom of anything bad in particular?

4) Finally, the air filter is not enclosed or sealed in the air filter holder as shown in this picture. Should it be? The filter just sticks out. Seems like that isn’t proper but I’m not sure. Pic of it here

Thanks again for reading…I know a million questions here and don’t expect ppl to answer all, hopefully I can get a few responses on different parts.

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