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General Pest Control - Crickets/Spiders

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I live in Oklahoma and was looking for a good pesticide to spray on the exterior of the house that would keep most crickets and spiders from coming inside the house.

I have read about Cypermethrin @ 25.4% concentration. (Viper Insect Concentrate)

I noticed the Demon WP Insecticide or even the Cyper WP has Cypermethrin @ 40% concentration. But, it does leave a white residue that is noticeable on darker surfaces as it is a wettable powder.

Is there something stronger or better out there?

Would I need a non-corrosive spray tank Insect spray?

I have heard that the pros use granules as well. What is a good product?

Do these granules have an adverse reaction to burmuda grass?
Please advise.
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I have looked at Lambda-cyhalothrin and Cypermethrin (LIQUID AND SPRAYABLE POWDER).


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