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GE WBB2090F1WW washer drain cycle

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I have a GE WBB2090F1WW washer that is acting up.

If I set it to any of the wash like Heavy, Medium, Light and start the machine it will go through the cycle and at the end I will have a full tub of water.

Now if I manually set it to "SPIN & DRAIN" it will do the spin and drain - sometimes.

If I start a new load and start with wash...rinse...drain/spin, it will do the wash and rinse fine, but when it gets to the spin/drain cycle, it "clicks" and I can hear a faint noise of something running but no draining...then when it gets to the end of that cycle, the tub is full of water.

If I then immediately set to drain/spin and start it, I can hear a noise but it's not spinning or draining.

But if I wait say 10 minutes, then switch to drain/spin, more time then not it will do the drain and spin fine.

So to recap - If I do any of the normal wash loads, light, medium or heavy, it will run through everything and end up with the tub full of water.

However, if I set it to drain/spin manually after waiting a bit, it will drain fine.

What could it be? Any ideas?
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I unplugged it, plugged it back in, took the front off and checked the pump, no clog. Put everything back together and it seems to work now.

But when it's at the end of the cycle after it stopped. the tub is dry inside. However if I push the inside of the tub around I can hear some residue water underneath the tub - not in the tub, sloshing around. So it didn't drain completely there is still some water in the drum but under the tub? Is this normal I am not sure if this wasn't like this before or new.
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