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GE top load washer.....some issues

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My 11 years old GE top load washing machine is not running properly...
My wife told me she found the load completely wet (but apparently the tub was drained because there was not water), and apparently did not rinse either
I noticed on thing: the timer, even on any of the OFF position, is still doing some "clicking" noises....
Is this normal?
Are the problems above linked to the timer only?
I could change the timer (seems easy), but I don't want to spend ~ $130 for that part and find out there is something else
Better buy a new one in that case...

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I don't know what your problem is with your washer, I just want to advise not to buy the newer GE washers, it is totally a piece of junk. I know this first hand, GE isn't good like they use to be, the older ones were great.
Well, which brand should I get?
Went to a store, and the salesperson strongly recommended Maytag
Problem is when you read reviews, for any brand and model of washers, it goes from "best machine ever" to "worst piece of junk".......:vs_worry:
Possible bad cold water valve. If it gets to the rinse cycle it turns on only the cold water, if the valve is defective the timer will not advance until the tub is full of water. This is just a guess with the limited info I have. It could be the timer also but that gives you something to check. Personally I like the Whirlpool no frills washer if you are just looking for a basic top loader. For a front loader I think the LG units are the way to go
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