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GE Spacemaker® Microwave Oven?

I have a 2 year old GE Spacemaker above the range microwave oven. Recently, the microwave has developed several runs between the glass in the front door. It looks like steam broke through the door seal and worked its way in between the glass panels.

I also have a GE extended warranty, but the warranty company says it doesn't cover cosmetic issues and since the microwave still functions, they will not replace the door. BTW, if you're considering a GE Extended Warranty, be aware that GE does not administrate the warranty, but instead leaves it to a poorly managed and difficult to reach third party company that is happy to take your money, but unwillingly to repair visible defects in the products they warrant.

With that said, is there anyway for me to disassemble said door and clean in between the glass?

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