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We have a GE refrigerator GTS17JBSERWW (basic white freezer top model) that is around 15 years old. We place a thermometer in there to gauge the temperature. Last month, we opened the freezer and noticed that the temp was 65. The refrigerator on the bottom was a normal temperature. When the temperature rises to 65, there is no noise and the appliance is quiet and the fan motor is not running. When there is noise and the fan is running, freezer temp starts to go down again back to 0 (normal). It happens sometimes once a day. During this entire time, the temp in the refrigerator is completely normal, never fluctuating.

Here is what we have tried to solve the issue. 1) Replaced defrost timer but when we did this, it seemed like it happened more often so we put back the original defrost timer. 2) Replaced temperature control. Issue still happening with freezer going to 60 once a day (usually in the morning). 3) Replaced condenser fan motor, cleaned condenser fan blade. I don’t think this part has anything to do with the temperature issue in the freezer but the appliance was a little noisy and now it is very quiet. 4) Vacuumed coil.

After all these steps, the freezer temp still goes up to 60. I have yet to time how long it stays at 60. I want to say not more than 30 minutes and then the fan starts to run again and the temperature quickly goes back to normal. Is this something that is normal? Maybe we never noticed it before?

Thank you for any insight anyone can provide.
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