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Hi there,

I'm not sure if this is an easy fix or not, but the oven part of my GE stove does not work at all. The stove tops work fine and become hot, with surface unit LED light coming on. It's an electric oven. I've tried repairing these things before only to mess up. I'm guessing it is the electric control board or the control module behind the knob (haven't tried opening it yet). Both of these things don't have any response to any keypresses or turning the knob (no LED display, no oven light, no oven temp light on/no oven cooking). I heard these things may be expensive as well and may not be worth it.. Any ideas?

Here is the info I found on the oven:
General Electric Company
Model No. J BP24D W1WH
KW 10.8 / 8.2
Serial No. TR209698G

Thank you for your help,


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