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GE ASQ10AKS1 Window Unit

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Hi! Does anyone have the technical service manual for the GE ASQ10AKS1 room air conditioner (window unit)? I have searched the internet high and low for it, and it's driving me crazy not being able to find it.

Thank you!
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I'm thinking the run capacitor is failing. Takes the unit several minutes (between 5 and 15) for the compressor to engage, but only on its first run. It then cycles properly afterward. Oh, and that first engagement is a jolt that dims the lights in the room.

Never have disassembled a room air conditioner, so was mainly worried about possibly damaging the cabinet or a panel. Figured the service manual would've been helpful in that regard.

Am I on the right track? BTW, GE told me they have the service manual, but that it's only available to factory service technicians. Go figure, right? LOL...
Thank you for the replies, super. I understand that the parts for these things are wildly expensive ($900+ for the compressor in a $400 window unit!), so definitely not going on that route. But I really just want to learn and play around with it -- and hopefully in the process, maybe get it running right just as a hobby or something. I probably sound crazy as heck... LOL...
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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