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Gas water heater vent too short?

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I had a vent that stood about 3' above my roof that used to service both my furnace and gas hot water heater. I had the furnace changed several years back with it's own venting. I just had my roof redone and asked if he could cut down the vent pipe and change out the ugly, old cap. I didn't question much as I thought he would know what the height requirements were. I was surprised when he cut the vent within 1" of the roof line and put a 4" standard flue on it. I envisioned a shorter vent with a newer cap. The new vent is below the highest point of the roof ridge. The roof ridge is about 1 1/2 feet away.

I know it vents as I've lit a match, blown it out, and the smoke goes up the vent.

I'm also concerned about snow as I live in Michigan and the vent would certainly be covered in the winter, although I assume the snow around it would melt?

Are there specific guidelines on how high a lone gas water heater vent should be?

I like the looks of the new vent, but I want to be safe and be within building requirements. Thanks.
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Codes will be different from here. Here, it's 12" above expected snow line, 3' above the highest point of the roof/building within 10'(iirc) horizontally.

Code in the USA is 2' above the roof or wall within 10' of it, and min of 3 foot above roof penetration.

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