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I have a relatively new gas water heater. (4yr old 40gal State Industries Direct-Vent M/N: GS 6 40YBD S.)

The problem we are having is that the thermostat appears to be "sticky" in that it will occasionally refuse to cycle on until the water is REALLY cooled down. (As in, it has to be on full-hot to take a comfortable shower.) I can prevent the cold shower by cranking the t-stat to max to fire it on and scooting it back down to where it should be.

I'm assuming this means I need a new gas valve assembly? Is this a DIY job?

I imagine me buying the part for $150 (A.O. Smith Part # 9006558005) is cheaper than paying labor to a plumber, even though he/she could then warranty the part. (And DIY-ing means I could avoid having to deal with the installing plumber again; as with many HWH installs, they had me over the proverbial barrel, and I suspect I way overpaid. (Nearly $2k installed.))

But if it ain't a DIY job, then it ain't a DIY job...

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Does this just happen with the shower? If so, may be the shower valve is the culprit.

If it fact it is bad, depending on your skills and you follow all safety precautions, imo, it's a diy job. Click on video for an example. You can go to for further instructions and parts.

At only 4 years old part may be covered but probably not labor. Call manufacturer and find out. Hard to believe it would go bad that fast. They usually last the life of the water heater. Just a suggestion.

Please wait for the plumbers to respond. Thanks.

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