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Gas stove burners not lighting with igniters

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I recently put a used gas Frigidaire range in an apartment for my tenants.

Here are the particulars:

All four of the iginiters fire and look like they are sparking the same.
The largest burner (front right) lights immediately when turned on.
One medium burner(front left) lights but takes a few seconds.
The simmer burner(rear right) will light after maybe 10 seconds (sometimes)
The other medium burner (rear left) will not light with the igniter.

All burners light immediately with a flame.

Now this would seem like an easy fix and that the tiny pilot hole that gets the gas to the igniters is clogged but I checked and ran a paper clip through them and they all seem to be clean and the same.

Attached is pictures of the medium rear right burner assembly with the igniters(and pilot pin hole) on the right.

What am I missing? Something has to be keeping the gas from getting to the igniters. TIA for any help or ideas.


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Edit: Pictures are of the rear LEFT burner that will not light with the igniter
Turn off the kitchen lights in the evening or at night.

Do you see the igniter spark good and strong at the burner in question? On some stoves all four burner igniters go on when you turn on any one burner and for the burner in question you hear the sparks for the other three while that burner is not getting its spark. Usually caused by exposed electrodes of the igniter dirty or deformed or excessivly worn (eroded) by the spark.

Are you sure that all of the gas channels and orifices in the burner are clear? Notably in the round gray piece showing in the picture.

The style of burner you have pictured might not light easily if the wrong (gray pictured) burner part and the wrong (usually black) cap are mixed and matched on the wrong burner positions (front right, etc.)
Not sure what your exact problem is, but we have a used GE that the PO said wouldn't light with the igniter, so they used a grill lighter.

I cleaned out the little pilot holes on the burners and 4 of the 5 burners worked with the igniter. The 5th one I just can't get to light with the igniter...BUT when you turn the knob to "high" and turn one of the other burners to "ignite" that 5th burner does fire. Weird, huh? We sometimes use the other burners to light that one, but usually just a lighter.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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