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Gas meter jumped over 323,300cf in an hour

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I've been paying attention to my meter since Christmas when I noticed my bill said appx 3500ccf as of 12/21 and I looked at it on 12/26 and noticed it said 6171. I figured it was sending a different number to the meter reader than it was reading for some reason(smart meter), not that it actually went up that much in a few days.
Earlier today I looked and it said 6172. Used the oven at 375 for an hour and looked again and it said 6183(seemed high,1100cubic ft). Less than an hour later it said 9416. According to the number on my bill I just used the same amount in one hour that i used in 8 years. Even if I take the number on the meter as correct on 12/21 I just used 3.5 years of gas in an hour.
Has anyone ever seen this? That must be an issue with the meter, correct? It's not spinning when nothing is in use, so no leak. Ran the water heater and it used about 1cf a minute, sounds reasonable. It's been warm here so heat hasn't run. Is there any way something could physically be wrong in the house to use that? We're talking 323,300 cubic feet in an hour. Sounds impossible. Maybe I'm reading this wrong.
If the meter is faulty do I have to pay anything? I know the meter is not my property. Thanks.
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I'm calling tomorrow, they've been closed for regular inquiries since I got the bill. Just trying to get info before calling. I want to know if it is absolutely impossible to use that no matter what the issue. I'm guessing if I just open up the pipe leaving the meter it still wouldn't use that much. Let alone the three appliances connected to it. None of which were being used while it went nuts.
There's no gas smell and the meter isn't spinning unless something is in use. Just ran the dryer and everything was normal. Small dial on the meter was spinning, but not enough to change the reading. Can it be an electrical thing since it's a smart meter?
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