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Gas Leak - Maby?

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In my basement the laundry / furnace / Water Heater / Storage is in a small section. Over the last month or so I've occasionally noticed that if nobody has been down there and I walk past the furnace / water heater I faintly smell what I believe to be natural gas. Only for an instant. If I sniff around, it's gone.

Tonight I sprayed soapy water on the fittings and see no bubbles other than the suds from the spray and when I questioned what I saw and wiped it clean, I see no bubbles at all with another squirt of water.

Is this worth being concerned about?
Is there a better way for me to detect a leak?

My working theory about why I smell it now is this:
1. We're not running the furnace / AC since the weather has kept the house reasonable.
2. I recently installed a new 'smart' thermostat that lacks the nice circulate function that my previous one did so there's nothing mixing the air.
3. I thought maybe leftover gas from when the water heater burner turns off but that seems a long shot to me.

I'd order a plug in gas detector but those I've seen highly rated on Amazon also have many folks complaining that any hydrocarbon can set them off.

I'm going to e-mail the customer service of my gas company as well to see if they perhaps come out with a 'gas sniffer' as a co-worker called it.

Any thoughts?
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Yes it's enough to be concerned about. I was smelling gas here a few years ago and it was my hot water tank. The gas company came in and "red-flagged" it and I had to replace it. Much better to catch it now before the issue becomes serious enough that your house explodes! The gas company does the inspection for free, well, at least here in Ohio they did.
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